The AIRPLAY here is not that Apple Wi-Fi Streaming Technology. It's a famous music player software in China since 2005.

  • Powerful audio engine to provide pure music - that's why it was called "Pure Engine".
  • Crystal UI technology - even working on windows XP.
  • Most formats support - from lossness to lossless.
  • Compressed files support - directly open music in ZIP & RAR files.


Since the copyright law is respected more than ever from last years, we have decided to close not only the online music but also the picture & lyrics download service.

Thanks your understand and support.

AIRPLAY 2015 beta released   2015 Feb 01

AIRPLAY 2015 beta is realease, you can find it HERE.

A GIFT FOR 2015   2014 Oct 01

Dear guys,

As we promised, the AIRPLAY 2015 alpha is HERE!

The Bible said: "ashes to ashes, and dust to dust", we will foucs back to be a classical local music player slowly and leave the online music market since there are too many huge money monsteres there, Amen.

--- yours fan

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